Question: What causes water spots on my ceilings?

What causes water spots on my ceilings?
Water spots on ceiling indicate some type of leak coming from above.

 Seeing water drip from your ceiling usually causes most people to panic.  First thing you want to do is to get in space above where the leak is and see if you see any obvious signs of water.  If there is a a bathroom above, check all the supply lines to the commode and sinks and make sure you don't see or feel any moisture.  If so, cut the water off going to that particular fixture until repairs can be made.  Also check for any gaps in tile work or corroded caulking around the tub if the leak started after someone took a bath or shower. 

If no obvious leaks are found on plumbing and you have concluded there is no other souce like a roof leak , then we will most likely need to cut hole in ceiling below to see exactly what is going on.  In most cases, this can be avoided with careful examination of the space above. 

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