Installation is an intricate plumbing service. When you install new plumbing products you want it done right the first time, so major plumbing problems do not affect your home or office in the future. Not only do we provide full installation services for all your plumbing needs, we offer the best advice so you are getting the best products for your lifestyle, and your dollar.

You decide the look of your bathroom or kitchen, and Wehby Plumbing makes that vision a reality in your home. Call us today to find out more about the exceptional installation and plumbing services we offer.


Plumbing repairs, no matter the size, are time sensitive issues. Our professional plumbing group provides timely service for all your plumbing needs, so you get peace of mind. Leaking pipes, lack of water pressure and drain clogs are important plumbing issues that require the knowledge of an experiences plumber.

But our services don’t stop there. Wehby’s family plumbing company takes time to allow each customer to understand their plumbing repair options. Our plumbing professionals give the best advice for the individual customer’s needs and budget.

Contact us for more information about the decades of plumbing experience we offer, right here in Nashville.


Installing a new sink to give your bathroom an uplift, of installing a shower that’s easier to get in and out of are major plumbing projects. Replacing a kitchen sink may seem easy, but if not done correctly can create many plumbing issues. We specialize in a wide range of plumbing remodeling projects and love to see a projects from start to finish.

Wehby Plumbing also understands the desire for beautiful plumbing hardward in combination with functionality. Our professional plumbers work hard to make sure your new remodel is not only beautiful, but can handle your daily needs.

Call us today for a consultation and let us make your vision a reality.

Water Lines

Two of the most important components of your plumbing system are water supply and sewer drain lines. Water service brings in water from the city water supply to your home or business. Sewer lines take the used water away from your house and into the city’s sewer system. Sooner or later, all homes and businesses will have issues with both systems, requiring professional plumbing services.

Whether a broken down sewer line full of roots is affecting your plumbing, or an old galvanized water line is restricting the water flow to your home, Wehby Plumbing has the equipment and expertise to take care of your problem. Call Wehby for a FREE estimate. You can even request your free estimate on our website.

Backflow Installation & Repair

Wehby Plumbing is certified for the installation and repair of all domestic backflow systems. We have years of experience and can diagnose whether a repair is warranted or if it would be more cost effective to replace the unit.

We are cleared as an approved backflow tester for water companies surrounding Davidson county that require residents to annually test their backflows. Just send in your backflow model and size information and we will gladly prepare you a quote for repair, replacement or testing.

Drain Cleaning

Nothing is more frustrating than a backed up drain in your home or business. Wehby Plumbing has years of experience of solving these issues and will have you back in operation as quickly as possible. Unfortunately at some point all drains will have to be replaced and when this becomes necessary, Wehby Plumbing will take care of the replacement as well.