Question: What do I do about a Leaking Water Heater?

Question: What do I do about a Leaking Water Heater?
Get water cutoff if possible and call Wehby Plumbing

In most cases, there should be a cutoff valve on the cold water line going into heater.  Shut this off and this will stop water from going into leaking heater.  The heater may leak for awhile with the water already in the tank.  If there is not cutoff valve at the heater, you will need to shut main water valve off to the the house.  If there is not one available or you don't know where it is, your only option will be to turn water off at your water meter close to the street.  It may be deep connection, so you will probably need a water meter key to reach down there.  They can be purchased cheaply at your local hardware store.  If heater is electric, go ahead and turn power off to it.  There should be a separate breaker in your fuse box for your heater.  If heater leaking is causing damage and needs to be drained quickly, you can screw a hose pipe on to the boiler drain located at bottom of heater and run hose outside or into a tub to drain it. 


After that call Wehby.  Its helpful if you can get the Model number and Serial number off the heater before you call.  That way we can know exactly what type heater you have and can check to see if it is under warranty or not.