Regular Maintenance Checks Prevent Plumbing Problems

Have your plumber do a regular maintenance check, to ensure your plumping equipment is working properly. Call Wehby Pluming to set up an appointment, and have an experienced plumber come to your home for routine maintenance and plumbing checks. A licensed plumber can check pipes, washers and hard to reach areas to catch plumbing issues before they occur, giving you piece of mind. Remember, a regular plumbing maintenance check can fix problems, before they start. Avoid plumbing headaches by calling Wehby Plumbing BEFORE you have a major plumbing problem. Signs that you may have a plumbing problem include:


  •         Sudden lack of water pressure from your faucets and showerhead.
  •         Water spots and/or corrosion on your ceilings.
  •         Leaks in any exposed pipes in your home.
  •         Sediment in your showerhead/faucet.


Have these warning signs checked regularly in your home, and if you experience any of these signs, call Wehby Plumbing for a consultation, and avoid a major plumbing problem in your home.